Some of our more recent blog articles.

What's an Inkscape?

by Donna Benjamin


Inkscape is free and open source drawing software.  It’s available for Linux (of course), but also for Windows, and for MacOS too.  It’s a tool for drawing 2D vector graphics, and its native file format is the World Wide Web Consortium’s standard for Scalable Vector Graphics, or SVG.


Koha adventures in India

Chris has just returned from travels in India. Chris keynoted the National Koha Conclave in Pune, and spoke at a learning event in Shillong for libraries in North-East India, on implementing Koha in the cloud, plus additional speaking engagements squeezed into his six day trip. It was a packed itinerary and Chris returned to us absolutely exhausted.

DevOpsDays Sydney 2016

by Zoe Lu

I was lucky enough to attend the DevOpsDays Sydney 2016 Conference. This conference aims to help participants learn and shae ideas around adopting DevOps best practices. The conference was entirely organised by volunteers from the local technical community and had a very interesting format.

Catalyst Open Source Academy 2017

by Ian Beardslee

The Open Source Academy is two weeks of intense learning and mentored project work. Participants work towards making a change in a real open source project. It is an opportunity for a group of keen Year 11 to 13 students to be challenged beyond what they have learned at school by learning from, and working with some of the best technologists in New Zealand.

Picture of Academy in progress

Catalyst loves to innovate

by MaryRose Painter

Innovation is part of our culture at Catalyst. Our culture makes us inquisitive and capable. It pushes us on journeys of discovery that allow us to bring new and exciting opportunities to our clients and the broader communities in which we operate. If this sounds like your cup of tea, we'd love to hear from you.

Cup of coffee