Catalyst diversity policy

Policy statement

As a responsible employer working across global open source communities, diversity and inclusion are important at Catalyst.

We recognise, celebrate and seek to increase diversity across our organisation. We are working to build an ever more diverse workplace by promoting equality and opportunity. We want Catalyst to be welcoming and inclusive for everyone, and for our staffing to reflect the diversity of New Zealand and international society. Encouraging diversity across Catalyst helps us attract and retain great people, leading to even better solutions for our clients.

Our diversity statement

Catalyst has been dedicated to using the world’s best open source software and tools to deliver robust IT solutions for our clients all over the globe for 20 years. Along with our passion for open source, we are a company that is committed to equal opportunities for all, regardless of individual characteristics.

Examples of these characteristics are gender, age, culture, disability (mental, learning, physical), geographic background, language(s) spoken, marital/partnered status, physical appearance, ethnicity, religious beliefs and gender identity or sexual orientation.

What are we doing to encourage diversity?

  • We display our diversity statement on the top of all job advertisements, so potential employees know that diversity is important to us.
  • We actively encourage under-represented groups to consider careers in IT, especially in open source.
  • We are family friendly. We do everything we can to help employees balance family and work responsibilities, including flexible work options.
  • We ensure our Catalyst Academy consistently achieves an equal balance of female to male students.
  • We have conducted an internal review to make sure we’re paying people fairly.
  • We avoid language that is discriminatory or exclusive.
  • We encourage our clients to create systems that are accessible to physically challenged users.
  • We provide accessibility training to staff, clients and the broader community.
  • We provide support for Te Reo Māori language lessons.
  • We support new recruits to our industry through our Catalyst Academy, education grants and our internship programme.

What will we do next to encourage diversity?

  • We’ll take steps to eliminate unconscious bias in hiring processes.
  • We’ll take steps to increase diversity in leadership roles.
  • We’ll periodically conduct internal reviews to ensure continued pay parity.
  • We’ll make sure discrimination or harassment of any kind is not tolerated, at any level of the organisation.
  • We’ll encourage discussion and education on diversity issues (e.g. training, Pizza Thursday talks).
  • We’ll publicly display this policy for added accountability.
  • We’ll collect information on our diversity, as appropriate.
  •  We’ll include diversity in our Catalyst Code.

Who is responsible for diversity?

All Catalyst employees help encourage diversity by treating each other with tolerance, respect and understanding.

Catalyst Directors are responsible for promoting a culture of diversity and inclusiveness throughout our organisation.

Catalyst Management Team is responsible for implementing a plan of action to support and increase diversity, in consultation with staff.

Catalyst HR is responsible for collecting appropriate statistical information on our progress towards greater diversity, and ensuring hiring processes are inclusive.

When will this policy be reviewed?

A review of this policy will be presented to the management team at least every 12 months.