Life at Catalyst

Catalyst is proud of cultivating a unique working environment ideally suited to talented, creative and committed individuals.

We have many traditions here at Catalyst, such as Pizza Thursday, which is a chance to showcase your technical interests and the achievements of your projects. If pizza is not your thing, we also do Curry Wednesday, and on Friday afternoons we get together to relax, share company news and celebrate our achievements.

In between, of course, everyone at Catalyst is there to provide the very best in open source development, systems management and client support. That means taking individual responsibility and working flexibly with those around you to make things happen for some significant clients running business-critical systems.

At Catalyst, you'll be working directly with your clients much of the time. So you'll need the kind of communication and social skills that underpin successful open source projects.

Catalyst has been recognised as New Zealand's most exciting IT company to work for. With our constant focus on innovative open source technology and R&D, Catalyst is a fresh and exciting place to work.  

If Catalyst sounds like your kind of place, send us your CV or view our vacancies.