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E-resource management module link highlighted yellow on the Koha staff client home page, after the ERMModule system preference is enabled
Koha ERM module


Libraries can now administer agreements, licenses and electronic holdings from within Koha: one system for both electronic and physical collections.

The new Koha staff client home page, with a grey background and green highlights.
Release of Koha 22.11


The Catalyst Koha team is delighted to join the Koha community in celebrating the release of Koha 22.11 Rosalie. This release contains 13 new features, 351 enhancements, 554 bug and security fixes.

Liam Sharpe and Sanjay D'Souza are sitting on chairs in a brightly lit office with a large, unfinished Star Wars Lego set on the table behind them.”
Lego Build Season


Beginning in 2017, a special event has been happening during spring and summer at the Wellington Catalyst office. It’s called Lego Build Season and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Building Lego sets in the office.

Mahara logo
Mahara 22.10: Usability and technical changes


The latest version of Mahara focused on usability improvements and technical changes. The implementation of Bootstrap 5, Font Awesome 6 icons, better support for image alt text, and a report for SmartEvidence are but a few of the changes.