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Aleisha and Chris speaking at Te Tiriti in Tech in 2019
Mate atu he tētē kura, ara mai he tētē kura


The Catalyst Koha team is excited to announce that Aleisha Amohia has been named our new Koha Technical Lead, taking over Chris Cormack who will be adopting his Kaihuawaere Matihiko role full-time. Mate atu he tētē kura, ara mai he tētē kura - when one goes, another takes their place.

A cartoon illustration of a person wearing a blue shirt and black trousers wearing headphones and a virtual reality headset, standing side on looking at a screen.
Beyond Ready Player One: open source and virtual reality


Virtual reality is a technology that allows you to be anyone, do anything or go anywhere you can possibly imagine without ever needing to leave the room.

Logo for Create. Share. Engage podcast on a green background. Tagline reads: Portfolio for learning and more.
Sharing portfolio stories with the world


The Mahara Project Team is excited to announce its podcast 'Create. Share. Engage.' which is dedicated to showcasing practises around portfolios for learning and more.

A crowd of people standing and sitting in a large room at the end of the day. Someone is talking on a microphone and there are tables of food in the foreground.
Catathon: celebrating 25 years of Catalyst


During Catathon, staff members run workshops introducing colleagues to their hobbies and interests. There are opportunities to work on software projects as well as things unrelated to software, such as dancing, mural painting, and playing Dungeons and Dragons.