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Catalyst IT: Moodle Global Partner of the Year 2023


An award with Moodle Certified Partners Moodle Global Partner of the Year 2023 on it.  With the Catalyst logo, that says open source technologists, ontop of an outline a digitial outline of the globe.

We’re proud to announce Catalyst IT won MoodleMoot 2023's ‘Global Partner of the Year’ and ‘LMS Contributor of the Year’. This is the second year Catalyst IT has won Global Partner of the Year.

MoodleMoot Global 2023 had over 700 attendees, including staff from our offices in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Canada. It was great to connect and catch up with the Moodle Community and other award winners who contribute to shaping Moodle.

What is Moodle?

Moodle is an open source learning management system (LMS) used all around the world. It is feature-rich and flexible, designed to provide robust and secure personalised learning scenarios for any learning institution or organisation. With Moodle, you can engage your learnings and empower your teachers with:

  • A wide array of built in activity modules including assignments, quizzes, forums, assessment tools, wikis, chats, and glossaries.
  • Add or build your own content using images, multimedia, and external content with resource modules.
  • Customise how things look and feel in a simple, user-friendly, low-tech environment.

An award with Moodle Certified Partners LMS Contributor of the Year 2023 on it.  With the Catalyst logo, that says open source technologists, ontop of an outline a digitial outline of the globe.

What are the Moodle Certified Partner Awards?

The awards launched in 2019 and recognise the exceptional work of Moodle Certified Partners and Moodle Premium Certified Partners. Moodle Partners enable educational institutions and organisations to transform or enhance their eLearning platforms in over 50 countries. Winners are selected from over 100 Moodle Certified Partner contributions.

Catalyst IT Moodle services

Catalyst is a Premium Certified Moodle Partner and was an early contributor to the Moodle code base. Since 2016, Catalyst IT has been the fourth biggest contributor to Moodle, and the largest in Australasia behind Moodle HQ. Additionally, Catalyst regularly supports Moodle clients around the globe with resources, expertise, and open source knowledge.

We ensure Moodle users have a learning environment set up for both students and staff success. Catalyst enriches your LMS experience end to end.

Catalyst IT celebrating at the MoodleMoot Awards. A group of people gather together smiling.

Getting started with Moodle

  • Consultations and implementation planning, simplifying requirements.
  • Installation and optimisation so Moodle works great for your needs.
  • Business requirement analytics to understand what you want to achieve.
  • Custom development of features.
  • Integration of Moodle with other systems, like Mahara.
  • Providing safe and secure hosting (including cloud).
  • Theming and design to match your organisation’s brand and identity.

Maintaining Moodle

  • Ongoing maintenance, updates, patching and CI (continuous integration) as a service.
  • 24/7 support for technical and administration issues.
  • Bespoke training services for administrators and teaching staff.
  • Security vetting and endorsement.

At Catalyst, we’re proud to be able to offer a full service wrapper that offers end to end management of your Moodle instance. Within our wider company of 400 staff, we have over 100 staff specifically supporting our clients. We also provide full hosting benefits, so your Moodle instance is secure, scalable, and standardised.

Catalyst has a wealth of experience in working with a range of sectors. This includes education providers, government, health, not-for-profit, and commercial sectors. Check out how Catalyst migrated Dublin City University to the cloud and enabled students to take their exams online.

To get started with or maximise your existing Moodle instance, contact our award winning team today.

Catalyst IT: Moodle Premium Certified Partners: Global Partner of the Year 2023” Catalyst IT: Moodle Premium Certified Partners LMS Contributor of the Year 2023” inside of award banners