[email protected]: Dena

by Chloe Gunn

At Catalyst we are striving to attain normality in our personal lives and reliability in our professional life.

The latter is appearing the easier of the two. To maintain our community, share our struggles and tips for working at home, we will be publishing a regular blog with a different Catalysta each time.

Today we interview Dena, a Project & Account Manager from the Christchurch team.

So, lets start with basics. Talk routine to me Dena. “I get up at my normal time, coffee and shower.”

Simple. Efficient. Effective. Mysterious, I had to know more. I pressed Dena further on how she likes her coffee, “Almond Mylk Cappuccino”. Exotic – the plot thickens.

If that’s her go-to coffee, what’s her breakfast like? Poached eggs on wholewheat toast, that’s right, we are dealing with a full-time modest morning baller; Dena handles her breakfast how she handles her projects – efficiently and exceeds expectations.

Once breakfast and coffee are out the way, Dena denotes it’s business as usual. Daily stand-ups (that are now taking place virtually) featuring an array of Dena’s active wear, usually from Uniqlo and usually clean.

It looks like Dena is handing working from home well, so I had to ask, any teething pains?

“I have a contact centre being run from the next room, my Wife is a contact centre Manager for Harcourts International. We are working on the etiquette for turning the coffee machine on during other peoples video stand-ups!”

Dena touches on an important point, we must consider others in this time. I asked if she has any more nuggets of wisdom to share with our readers and she wisely said, “don’t hoard toilet paper.” Dena goes on to stress the importance of kindness and that we must realise that this will be looked upon as a trying time for New Zealand – lets respond with consideration and care.

To avoid being overwhelmed with the media coverage of Covid-19, Dena recommends going for a walk outside, she loves taking her two Labradoodles out. To stay active during this time, Dena has joined the Alps to Ocean Virtual Fitness challenge!

I think we can all take a leaf out of Dena’s book; be kind, considerate, active and treat yourself to a balanced breakfast once in a while.

See photo below of Dena’s new work colleagues, they’re quite ruff with their clients.

Dena's desk with two friendly looking dogs