[email protected]: Liam

by Chloe Gunn

At Catalyst we are striving to attain normality in our personal lives and reliability in our professional life.

The latter is appearing the easier of the two. To maintain our community, share our struggles and tips for working at home, we will be publishing a regular blog with a different Catalysta each time.

Today, we interview Liam. Liam is a front-end developer at Catalyst and first started as an intern and then continued part-time during his studies, and now enjoys life as a full-time Catalyst employee.

I asked Liam how he’s finding working from home and what routine works best for him and he recommends waking up at a regular time and actually getting dressed (sigh).

Then he’ll have breakfast, usually some fruity homemade yoghurt (classy), and a side of ‘leftover pick and mix’ from the night before (more achievable).

Now, before we go shaming Liam for his eclectic breakfast choices, he then goes for a quick run, bike ride or walk (maybe this varies depending on sugar intake).

Liam then sets-up at his desk no later than 9:30 am.

Ok, so now we know how he starts his day, I wanted to know more about the pros and cons he has found since working from home. Liam’s answer was simple and effective.

Pros: having all of my beloved belongings around me. Cons: having all of my beloved belongings around me.”

Intrigued I asked Liam a little more about which belongings he may be referring too, slackline and juggling clubs were the winners. And, for those of you also saying “slackline...?” think walking on a tightrope, but the tightrope isn’t so tight. This definitely makes for more exciting lunchtimes.

Speaking of hobbies, I asked if Liam if he planned to take up any new hobbies during this period, “well I just got a new unicycle... but probably also a good opportunity to get back into music production.” A man of many talents it seems.

But, he also plans to make his way through the pile of books next to his bed that his busy life had left neglected, I think we can all relate to that.

Liam's desk

See Liam's home set-up above, he’s ready for anything by the looks of it! Note, far left, Liam is a keen juggler – we often get to see it at the office. Behind this is an air fresher as Liam says, “If I’m here all month, its got to smell fresh!”

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