CataPets: the support crew

by Charlotte Weston

People doing their jobs at Catalyst is, of course, what we’re here for. But what about the support crew: the CataPets? Now that people are working from home more often, pets also feature more prominently in our work lives.

Whether your cat is sitting in front of your computer screen like the rightful owner of everything you have and do, your dog is demanding you take a break from your desk to go for a walk, or your goat participates in a video meeting (yes, really), our pets are important members of the team. Or at least they like to think so.

Here is a selection of Catalyst pets who show up for us in their own special ways.

Some might be larking about at the beach, like Macy and Brooklyn:

Two labradoodles playing in the waves at the beach.


Or Ru, who is enjoying his time at the beach now that he has this vest. People think he’s training to be a service dog, but actually he’s just sick of people patting him. Fair enough, Ru!

Dog at the beach wearing a red vest that says "do not pat".


Charlie takes some time for herself, watching her favourite movie, The Lion King, even though the hyenas are scary:

Fluffy black cat is looking at a TV screen playing The Lion King.


Biddy is living her best life, now that she’s discovered the lid of the new compost heap slopes:

A black cat is upside down in the sunshine on top of a wooden compost box.


Justin is here to remind you not to shirk your responsibilities:

Small tabby cat sitting on the open door of a dishwasher.


Pepper likes to surreptitiously lean on modifier keys. One day it's Shift, next it might be Ctrl. Is it companionship, or sabotage?

Black and white cat curled up on a desk, leaning on a laptop, with monitors behind.


Annie would like to book in a consultation. She's unsure if this is how you wear it?

A ginger cat with her head in a slipper.


Luna steadfastly guards some laptops against intruders. Steady on, Luna. The sleeping look is a masterful disguise, really she's prepared to attack and defend at any moment:

Black cat curled up asleep with boxed laptops in the background.


Elvis is teaching new little sister Daisy about self-care. Would like to remind us all that taking breaks is important. Stop peeking, Daisy, it’s naptime!

A small black puppy and a large white dog are lying next to each other on the couch.


Scoresby sees your file management system and raises you his display of treasures. He lined them up neatly like that himself to show you. Hopes you like them.

A small white dog sitting on a couch with a couple of bits of rubbish and a sock.


Dusty the horse attends a networking event with the neighbours’ alpacas. Made some new contacts:

A horse sniffing two alpacas over a wooden fence, with more alpacas in the background.


Lucy, Daisy, and Diana are sorry to spam everyone, but did you know they have a new single coming out? It’s a cover of the classic song, Goat Your Own Way.

Three goats standing in a paddock, looking at the camera.


Big Lez the dog facilitates a meeting with the chickens Tuppen, Sparrow, Sunny, JK, and Penguin. Oden the cat comes in late. That's ok, Oden, good to have you along.

A dog and several chickens in front of the chicken coop. A cat is standing on top of the coop.


Occasionally it’s necessary to send a delegate to a human meeting. Communication is a work in progress:

A screenshot of a video meeting with 6 people and a goat.


Juniper makes it clear when she thinks it's time to stop for the day:

A calico cat is yawning in front of a computer monitor.