The Good Registry: Two Months on

by Chloe Gunn

As you may have heard, two months ago Catalyst excitedly decided to gift all of its New Zealand based employees with a $25 Good Registry Gift Card on their birthday. For those of you that don’t know, The Good Registry is a social enterprise that ensures easy giving that does good, employees receive their gift card and are free to browse and donate to multiple charities.

Two months on, we wanted to check in with our Catalystas to find out what they thought so far.

Jordan Ansell shared, “I had a warm smile, voucher and chocolate bar delivered to on my birthday. I like the idea a lot! I’m proud to be a part of a company doing things like this.”

Krystie Draw said, “I loved the concept of the gift card, I have always wanted to do something similar for the gifts I give, but I didn’t realise there was somewhere where the recipient could choose where they’d like to give their money. The range of charities available made it feel like there was somewhere for everyone and not that it was targeted specifically at one area. I highly recommend The Good Registry and intend to use it for gifts in the future.”

Ashleigh King reflected, “This was such a feel-good gift! I loved being able to pay it forward. I split it between 5 different charities that were close to my heart for personal reasons.”

As Catalyst continues to grow in numbers, as will the donations; we are excited to see how much good we can do thanks to The Good Registry!


Could your company do the same? Take a look at The Good Registry.


A 'The Good Registry' voucher and chocolates


See the face behind all the good as Alison Aldred from Catalyst, sat down and caught up with Christine Langdon, founder of The Good Registry.

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