New Zealand 3.0: Resilience

by Chloe Gunn

COVID-19 has had an impact on all countries economies, however with the right approach, this might just be our opportunity to rebuild and revolutionise a resilient economy.

By keeping it local our economy could look like this: Resilience graphic

High-value jobs

Invest in the local industry so that Kiwis for generations to come are able to continue to work and pursue highly paid and challenging careers in our sector. Acknowledge the multiplier effect where 30c in every dollar spent on local firms is returned to the Crown either directly or indirectly.


Knowledge economy

Focus on building a high-value economy, with weightless exports and multiple career paths for skilled workers. Reform government procurement to recognise value, not just price. Acknowledge the potential for IT to revolutionise our other critical sectors, like agriculture, tourism and health.



Develop the capability and systems to ensure that New Zealand is not reliant on offshore providers and systems to deliver the critical infrastructure we require in the digital age. Ensure that in the event of a natural disaster, we are not reliant on connectivity to the rest of the Internet to deliver critical services to New Zealanders.


Cultural relevance

Ensure software and algorithms deployed in New Zealand encode and reflect our values and do not import more bias and prejudices into our society. Develop guardrails to manage the introduction of emerging technologies, like Artificial Intelligence and facial recognition software, so that they are a fit for our legislative and cultural environment.


So next time you consider opting for the monopolistic big names for an IT solution, remember there is a much bigger cost to consider. Rebuilding and future-proofing New Zealand starts with keeping it local.

If you want to learn more about 2020’s IT economical potential with keeping business local you can read our full report here Benefits of Local Procurement. And, if you have enjoyed this three-part series you can download the full paper here in English Digital Strategy or you can download it in te reo Māori.