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Sharing portfolio stories with the world


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The Mahara Project Team is excited to announce its podcast 'Create. Share. Engage.' which is dedicated to showcasing practises around portfolios for learning and more. 'Create. Share. Engage.' is aimed at educators, learning designers, and managers keen on integrating portfolios with their education and professional development practices.

Mahara Project Lead Kristina Hoeppner talks with researchers, practitioners, learning designers, students, and others involved in portfolio work at a diverse range of organisations to find out why they are using portfolios, what has influenced their practice, and what tips they would like to share.

A new episode will be released every two weeks on Wednesdays, New Zealand time. Lisa Donaldson, who was critical in starting and scaling the portfolio initiative at Dublin City University in Ireland, is our guest for the first episode on 28 September 2022.

Subscribe to 'Create. Share. Engage.' on your favourite podcast app. If you would like to share your organisation's portfolio journey, get in touch. We'd love to chat about your experiences and journey working with portfolios.

Catalyst is the main development company of the open source Mahara software and offers the full range of support services for organisations keen on implementing portfolios in formal education and the workplace.