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Tōtara transforms


by Chloe Gunn

2020 hasn’t been a great year for many reasons, however, Tōtara is ending 2020 on a positive note with their impressive transformation as they launch the Tōtara Talent Experience.

So what’s included in the Tōtara Talent Experience?

The Tōtara Talent Experience Platform is made up of Tōtara Learn, Tōtara Engage and Tōtara Perform – these can be used together or separately, providing a powerful experience that unifies highly engaging learning and performance management.

Tōtara Learn 

Tōtara Learn is an adaptable and extendable enterprise solution that cost-effectively meets any learning and compliance requirements. Now with multi-tenancy, a mobile app, a modern user interface and dozens of upgraded features, Tōtara Learn allows organisations to:

  • manage compliance with custom report building that automatically keeps stakeholders fully informed
  • automatically assign and personalise learning and compliance training according to group, role, team, skills and more
  • engage learners and drive collaborative problem solving with centrally organised online and offline learning events.

Tōtara Engage

Organisations can now harness the power of informal learning and collaboration to enhance the success of learning programs. Tōtara Engage encourages the creation and sharing of personalised learning paths while supporting upskilling and enhancing performance.

With Tōtara Engage, you can:

  • blend formal training with informal and social learning to increase engagement and collaboration 
  • build a connected culture by unlocking knowledge sharing throughout the organisation 
  • shorten learning curves with personalised playlists and custom resources curated from multiple channels and delivered to any device
  • give employees relevant training at just the right time.

Tōtara Perform

With Tōtara Perform you can set courses and tailor practices to suit your work culture and context. With adaptability and productivity at its core, you can harness both traditional and modern performance practices, including annual reviews, continuous performance management, 360-degree feedback, check-ins, appraisals and much more.

Tōtara Perform enables you to:

  • maintain high performance with regular check-ins, continuous feedback, and smart goal-setting for employees and remote workers 
  • set clear goals and drive measurable results to build a culture of performance
  • develop an agile and resilient workforce with the flexibility and power of modern performance management
  • align departmental goals and organisational direction through better visibility and reporting of your performance management process. 

If you are ready to make 2021 your learners' best year yet, get in touch with our eLearning experts to find out what we can do for you.