Block storage

Reliable, scalable and fast block storage for compute instances.

Our block storage service is backed by a fully distributed storage system, with no single points of failure and scalable to the exabyte level. The system is self-healing and self-managing. Data is seamlessly replicated on three different servers, making it fault tolerant and resilient. The loss of a storage node or a disk leads to the data being quickly recovered on a healthy location. The system runs frequent CRC checks to protect data from soft corruption. The corruption of a single bit can be detected and automatically restored to a healthy state.


  • Create, manage, delete storage volumes.
  • Boot compute instances from persistent volumes.
  • Attach or detach additional storage volumes to compute instances.
  • Create, restore, manage and delete snapshots of storage volumes. Snapshots can be used to clone storage volumes or to roll back to a previous known state.
  • We offer a standard storage tier that combines SSDs with spinning disks to provide great performance and value for money.
  • We can provide and introduce new storage tiers, with options for performance, resiliency and availability, according to your needs.
  • We use separate 10Gbps highly available networks for storage replication and storage traffic, providing your applications with increased I/O throughput and higher performance.


Estimate your monthly cost easily using our online calculator:

Price Calculator

Find out the exact price per GB/hour on our price list:

Storage type Description Price per hour per GB Price per month per GB
b1.standard Combines SSDs and spinning drives $0.000416 $0.30