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The British Dental Association (BDA) is the professional association and union for dentists in the United Kingdom. Its mission is to promote the interests of its members, advance the science, art and ethics of dentistry and improve the British nation's oral health.

Tōtara LMS fits our needs. We know this system won't go obsolete overnight.
Stephen MacDonald,
Head of Education Services, BDA

To practice dentistry in the UK, dentists must complete continuous professional development. The BDA was already using multiple online training platforms, but none were integrated and members needed a separate login for each one. BDA also had to synchronise multiple user databases – an issue that could not be fixed with their existing LMS systems.

We helped BDA to implement a single system that met their needs. Using Tōtara LMS, we created bespoke enhancements to create the additional Continuous Professional Development (CPD) components; as well as SSO integration, theming, training and hosting for the platform.

The result is a simple, efficient, cost-effective system that is intuitive and easy to use. It features an authentication API so BDA no longer has to use multiple databases.

BDA estimates they saved over $100,000 by choosing an open source LMS solution.

We had been burned before by being tied to a proprietary vendor, which created challenges of interoperability and impacted user-friendliness.
Stephen MacDonald,
Head of Education Services, BDA
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