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The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC) provides advice and support services to the Prime Minister, Cabinet, and the Governor-General, as well as coordinating core public service departments and ministries.

About CabNet

We designed and built CabNet, a secure, online system for managing papers through the Cabinet and Cabinet committee decision-making process. CabNet is powered by the open source document management solution Alfresco, and provides a single, authoritative source of Cabinet information. It is easy to use, secure and convenient. CabNet replaces DPMC’s existing paper-based system with a modern, efficient and secure alternative.

Catalyst worked closely with DPMC staff to deliver CabNet using an Agile project management approach. Working software was put in front of DPMC and Ministerial staff every two weeks to ensure that the system was precisely tailored to meet the demands of the people who will use it day-to-day.

App support

As well as Cabinet paper lodgement, CabNet supports automated workflows for meeting administration requirements. The accompanying app, CabDocs, allows Ministers to view papers on their mobile devices.


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