Design: Kōpaki Tiaki Hauora Healthcare Portfolio

The home page, with humanistic illustration.

The award-winning Catalyst design team had the opportunity to create a brand for the Mahara portfolio site Kōpaki Tiaki Hauora Healthcare Portfolio. This project included creating the site logo, brand colours, and imagery.

The site's purpose is for healthcare professionals - such as nurses, social workers, and doctors in Aotearoa New Zealand to create and maintain their professional portfolio.


Evonne Cheung, who led the design work said, "Our goal was to achieve two things in this design: simplicity and clarity. The challenge laid in creating a design that is inclusive of a wide range of audiences within the healthcare sector while keeping it simple."

In regards to imagery, the design team wanted to reflect the human side of healthcare on the homepage and found that photographic imagery wasn’t appropriate for achieving this. Instead, the result is a continuous line illustration representing all healthcare workers. This illustration encourages people to impose the age, ethnicity, religion, and gender that they relate to. The modern, simple style will also prevent the page feeling prematurely aged.


With Kiwi healthcare professionals of all ages, ethnicities, and genders using the portfolio site, it was essential to acknowledge Māori roots while remaining accessible and welcoming to international healthcare workers. This balance is achieved through the site's primary title being in te reo Māori. The Māori practice of weaving inspired the logo that also represents warmth and compassion, important aspects within healthcare, through its heart shape.



Colour Scheme

The colour scheme reflects healthcare and New Zealand as a country; blue and teal for the ocean that surrounds Aotearoa, the red as the heart, and yellow and light teal acting as accent colours. These consistent brand colours lead to easy recognition and facilitate the creation of additional materials in a consistent colour scheme.



The design and Mahara teams have successfully collaborated to create a brand that conveys healthcare, professionalism, knowledge, trust, and warmth.


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