The Electoral Commission is responsible for the administration of parliamentary elections and referenda, as well as providing advice, reports and public information about electoral matters.

A long-term relationship

Since 2003, Catalyst has helped the Electoral Commission maintain one of the most accurate voter rolls in the world. The core election management system used by the Electoral Commission is built by Catalyst. This system performs the MMP calculations and provides detailed voting data to all the major media organisations. We also host the public results website, which plays a crucial role on election night. The various business processes supported by the system leading up to an election include planning and management of properties such as voting places and advanced voting places, personnel resource management including timesheeting and payroll, project task control, expenditure management and inventory management.

A well-run referendum

We worked very closely with the Electoral Commission on the NZ flag referendum in 2015-16. Using Drupal, we put together a referendum website, with functionality for uploading scans or pictures of voting papers, giving voters more options for returning their ballots.

We also built a mechanism for electronic scanning and reading of votes, and logic into the Commission's existing system to decide the winner and act as a tiebreaker if needed. A system of unique QR codes helped guard against voter fraud.

votes in the first referendum