Encounter Solutions

Catalyst and Encounter Solutions continue to innovate with Cloud DBaaS and affordable wireless sensor networks

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Encounter Solutions delivers affordable wireless sensor networks and applications specifically designed to address the challenges associated with truly remote landscapes.

Encounter Solutions has deployed Celium™ networks in challenging remote environments across New Zealand, as well as internationally, including projects funded by National Geographic.

Applications cover wildlife management, dam and geotechnical instrumentation, slope stability monitoring, farm monitoring and environmental data acquisition.

Encounter Solutions’ Celium network has gained international recognition as a leading system for monitoring predator control traps in remote areas. By way of a New Zealand example, the Aspiring Biodiversity Trust is using Celium to help protect Pīwauwau, the South Island rock wren, within the Castalia and Crucible alpine basins of Mt Aspiring National Park. Celium remote monitoring provides Aspiring Biodiversity Trust with a means of rationalising its trap servicing resources and mitigating safety issues in its alpine predator control programme.


Solution: Kiwis Supporting Kiwi Innovators


Celium networks in challenging remote environments across New Zealand

Encounter Solutions and Catalyst built a relationship based on mutual respect - Encounter Solutions for their passion in helping protect the wildlife of New Zealand and other countries, and Catalyst’s investment in open source software and the development of New Zealand’s first dedicated Cloud. As a growing lean startup, the focus is heavily on core product development and “in the field" hardware configuration and deployment. Catalyst’s investment in open source software and the development of New Zealand’s first dedicated Cloud continues with the recent release of the first Kiwi Managed Database Service.



Partnering with Catalyst provided the opportunity to ensure digital platforms and infrastructure were meeting customer and business needs.

Catalyst were engaged with the goal of simplifying and streamlining Encounter Solutions’ digital platforms, as well as assisting with application changes and infrastructure management. As a small business focusing on innovation it was important for the team to retain:

  • The flexibility of wireless sensor networks that have an almost endless application. The ability to pivot is key to business growth.
  • Involvement in, and ownership of, technology decision making. Innovators by nature think outside the box. With time a precious commodity, it is important to remain involved at the right level so there are no surprises.

Partnering with Catalyst enables Encounter Solutions to tap into years of experience working with software and development life-cycles whilst outsourcing aspects of the software implementation and infrastructure management that, whilst critical, were not a key component of the core product.

Catalyst initially worked with Encounter Solutions over months to consolidate their hosting infrastructure, web-site, client portal(s), maintain their mobile application and work through aspects of alerting and notifications.

This engagement culminated in an ongoing relationship, with Catalyst providing continued operational support of Encounter Solutions' cloud server infrastructure.

Catalyst and Encounter Solutions remain great fans of each others efforts - Kiwi’s supporting Kiwi innovators (to save Kiwis).