GIS Core: Wairoa District Council

Catalyst and Pinpoint Geospatial collaborate with the Wairoa District Council to advance their Geospatial platform.

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Wairoa District Council wanted to deliver a platform for their residents and businesses to view and share geospatial data and maps. Making this type of data accessible and easy to understand helps residents, engineers and businesses to make more informed decisions.




Wairoa District Council sought to replace their existing platform due to high licensing cost, limited access to qualified GIS consultants and little to no control over their software.


Most importantly, Wairoa District Council wanted to see their platform grow and used throughout their district. They wanted flexibility and the freedom to innovate, and for that, they needed an open source solution.




Catalyst collaborated with Wairoa District Council to build a GIS platform that gives Wairoa District Council full access and control over all aspects of their software. 


The new and open GIS data platform benefits everyone, from checking the traffic en route to work, to new landowners scoping out their surroundings, from agriculture to road disruptions. In the past, obtaining such information often involved contacting the council directly. Now, all information is accessible and easy to view through filtering options and an interactive map display. 


GIS Core was an ideal open source solution for Wairoa District Council as it is low-risk and cost-effective with no licence fees and no vendor lock-in. Wairoa District Council now invests the money saved from license costs toward further research and development, working together with both Catalyst and the global open source GIS community. 


Catalyst’s GIS Core solution provided Wairoa District Council with a:

  • Unified geospatial data portal

  • map and feature server

  • spatial cataloguing server

  • tile cache, and

  • a spatial database system.


GIS Core platforms are based on open standards, allowing for seamless integration with other parties and data providers. And, being an open source solution, they can easily integrate data on their terms; Wairoa District Council is already using and showing data from Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) and the New Zealand Transport Agency.


Data from LINZ allows the public to view things such as land parcel data (e.g. property information), important land status information (eg. building zones, conservation land) or topography; all of which are important information for land owners, engineers and planners.


New Zealand Transport Agency data has also been integrated, displaying live traffic reports, road hazards and ongoing roadworks. 


Wairoa District Council now host their data on the Catalyst Cloud. Hosted in New Zealand, Catalyst Cloud carries multiple benefits such as scalability, low latency and cost efficiency, as well as working with a company that
understands your social and business environment.


Catalyst Cloud will continue to host Wairoa District Council’s data, and Catalyst IT will continue to provide support and develop the functionality of the platform, ensuring New Zealand public agencies have an open alternative for their GIS data.

GIS Core: Wairoa District Council Desktop

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