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GNS Science is New Zealand's leading provider of earth, geoscience and isotope research and consultancy services. They're the scientists behind the GeoNet earthquake monitoring service.

About GNS Science

GNS Science has been using our training services for a number of years now, but recently they've realised the need for a smarter approach to managing and working on their projects. They chose to use Agile, and they asked us to help.

Agile foundations

Our resident Agile expert, Russel Garlick, started by taking GNS Science's management team through the basics with our Agile Primer course. The managers loved it – they found the methodology really useful for prioritising and organising their work, and getting more of the important stuff done. Since this course, GNS Science staff at all levels have received Agile training, at both the Primer and more advanced levels.

GNS Science staff tell us it's hugely valuable to be Agile trained, as now they all speak the same language and can collaborate more effectively. There are Kanban boards all over the building at GNS Science, and plans for more advanced Agile techniques to be applied to the company's work.

Expecting the unexpected

Unpredictable natural events leave GNS staff frantically busy. Working in a sector where earthquakes, floods and other disasters can completely throw off a work plan at any time is challenging. Russel is on the case, and plans to work with GNS managers on impact mapping soon so they can focus on the important stuff, while also responding to events as they happen.

Now we all speak the same language, we can collaborate more effectively.
Geoff Clitheroe,
Systems Development Manager, GeoNet