The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) is a New Zealand crown entity, which administers a national no-fault accidental injury scheme. With over 3,500 employees, the organisation help prevent injuries and get New Zealanders and visitors back to everyday life if they’ve had an accident.

Catalyst and ACC have been working together since 2012, and have a robust, adaptable and beneficial relationship. Initially working together to build their previous learning system, both parties collaborated again to refresh ACC Employees’ learning experience in 2018.

The Challenge

ACC had developed a Behaviour and Leadership Framework, which outlines the skills and behaviours required for roles. They want their learning management system to translate this framework into a user journey.

ACC were eager to build a solution where their learners could access the available development offerings easily, and design their own learning plans.


The Solution


The solution emerged from a workshop where both parties worked together to design the best user journey and experience. The strong collaborative relationship encouraged bold thinking, and challenging previous assumptions in order to create an innovative solution.

“The beginning of this project started with blue sky thinking. We had an idea, a design initially. But it was communication, collaboration and ambition from both parties, teamed with technical innovation, that brought this to life,”
said Sean Romans, Learning Management System Specialist at ACC.

Using Grow@ACC, learners can now search for learning material by role and desired behaviour, which leads to a range of development offerings matching their criteria. With a single click, a learner can begin a course or add material to their learning plan.

ACC saw learner engagement rise by more than 60% when the new system was launched.


The Innovation

  • This solution also enabled ACC’s managers to track and monitor team compliance levels easily. A custom designed report displayed this data clearly and effectively for managers.
  • Catalyst’s UX and design team also applied a new theme - inspired by New Zealand’s stunning natural scenery - to give the system a new fresh and engaging look.