With over 14,000 staff, NZ Police provides policing services 24 hours a day, every day, by land, sea, and air. They manage over 860,000 emergency calls a year and are always actively preventing crime and crashes.

A new solution

NZ Police asked Catalyst to help modernise their intranet which no longer met the needs of an increasingly mobile organisation.

Using an Agile process, we helped NZ Police define exactly what they needed through a series of discovery workshops. We worked closely with the key stakeholders at Police to capture a broad range of requirements and to ensure the project was delivered on time and on budget.

Most of the feedback we’ve received has been about the content. This shows the system is performing well and people are using it – a big improvement.
Linda Wilkin-Krug,
Project Manager, NZ Police

Our build

We built a new intranet solution based on Drupal 8 that is mobile friendly, easy to use, has a clean, modern design and performs well on any device. Piwik analytics provides the Police Comms team with information on how content is performing - information that will be used to help shape the site for the future.

One of the drawbacks of the old site was the poor search functionality. The new Drupal site search capability (based on Solr) is a huge improvement, so staff can find the information they need quickly and with relevant search results.

The new intranet allows Police staff to be better informed about current issues and events, allows officers to find information they need not only at the station, but also when they are out in the community, and it facilitates better communication across the organisation.