Next Generation Critical Communications

NGCC and Catalyst quickly and seamlessly build multiple websites with SilverStarter.



Emergency Services (New Zealand Police, Fire and Emergency New Zealand, St John, and Wellington Free Ambulance) require secure, reliable communications to help enhance wellbeing; enforce the law; protect people and property, and communicate with each other.

Working together, Police;Fire and Emergency New Zealand; Wellington Free Ambulance; and St John are coordinating the development of an investment case to replace Emergency Services’ critical communications. This programme of work is known as Next Generation Critical Communications (NGCC).


The NGCC were a quickly formed organisation, requiring a new website in a short timeframe with an evolving vision, and a need for a cost effective approach with the ability to iterate as they grow.

NGCC needed a combined presence website to highlight their multiple programmes with the ability to future proof, reducing the need for significant ongoing development cost and Catalyst were excited to offer Catalyst’s SilverStarter solution.

Catalyst’s SilverStarter is a pre-built theme that provides a quick, flexible, affordable website utilising commonly used web components that can be personalised to your needs, or built on for more bespoke requirements.

In selecting Catalyst SilverStarter, the NGCC benefited from several features to choose from straight out the box, such as:

  • Access to a library of pre-built and tested page types and content blocks ready to seamlessly configure web pages in a multitude of ways
  • CMS configurable layouts for navigation variations
  • Set up multiple websites and the Catalyst SilverStarter theme using subsites functionality
  • A large variety of changeable fonts, theme colours and unique section colour options
  • Flexible templates control how your content is displayed
  • A site that was ready-to-go in only a few short weeks hosted on the Catalyst Cloud.

Using the Catalyst SilverStarter reduces the effort to design, develop and test many commonly used components from scratch, allowing agencies to spend budget on other valuable needs. The NGCC used extra budget to ask the Catalyst design team to design the NGCC brand and assets used in other materials. Because of this approach, Catalyst were able to deliver not one, but two functional websites for both the NGCC organisation and the Public Safety Network Programme within the budget allocated to the project.

NGCC were thrilled with their new sites, and we look forward to offering more clients this quick solution which means your organisation can focus on what matters: delivering great content to your customers

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