Otorohanga District Council

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ODC spatial data desktop


Otorohanga District Council wanted to provide easy to access information about property valuation information, District Plan provisions, public water infrastructure and more.


Otorohanga District Council’s previous vendor could not provide local service and support, and as closed source proprietary software, Otorohanga District Council were not able to adapt the software to best fit their business needs.


Catalyst GIS Core has enabled Otorohanga District Council to easily publish maps and dashboards, including property valuation information, District Plan provisions, public water infrastructure and other important datasets held by the Council. 

Trevor Penwarden, Information Officer at Otorohanga District Council, said “Thanks to the power of Open Source and our relationship with Catalyst, we are now able to invest in developing features that we require, rather than paying licence fees to a vendor whose development roadmap is out of our control.”


The published maps are fully interactive and can be accessed on desktop and mobile devices. End-users can search for addresses or custom parameters (such as their rating ID), zoom and pan across the map, add annotations and measurements, share permalinks and print the current map view into PDF reports for future reference.

Trevor says, “We now find it easy to publish our data online to the public and other customers in a managed system. The data is accessible, able to be maintained and shared in many forms.”

ODC spatial data desktop


GIS Core appealed to Otorohanga District Council as it allows for their authorised users to easily use the map portal to create, edit & delete map features directly from their browser. The website provides a simple interface to create features and a form-based table for users to enter data. Otorohanga District Council have the opportunity to choose from a variety of pre-defined base layers such as aerial imagery, NZ Topo Map and OpenStreetMap, to simplify map interaction. To ensure data consistency and avoid data entry errors, GIS administrators can also add custom validation and dropdown boxes to fields edited through the web interface, making data entry a simple process even for staff without prior training.


With GIS Core, Otorohanga District Council’s administrators can combine self-hosted and external data (e.g. from LINZ, NZTA and other sources) into ready-made maps and dashboards; enabling administrators to easily build feature reports based on dynamically updated maps, charts, counters and export as images or spreadsheets. 

Trevor also had this to say about working with Catalyst, “Being a small council, working with Catalyst has allowed us to concentrate on the leveraging of our data. We can relax while the experts at Catalyst maintain and manage the cloud platform and the associated software. This system also ticks all the boxes for Open Data and puts us in a strong position moving into the future.”

GIS Core has enabled Otorohanga District Council to provide easy and accessible spatial data to its residents and businesses.

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