SmartStart is the first in a series of ‘life event’ portals spearheaded by The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA). It brings together information and services from different government agencies, so everything users need is in one place.

Information and services in one place

DIA chose us to make a website that brings together all the government services for expectant and new parents in one place.

Now, instead of wasting time searching for information and services, parents have everything they need to establish baby’s future digital relationship with the government in one place. Users can find a midwife, apply for financial assistance, register baby’s birth and more, all in one place.

Information is tailored to the user’s personal profile – a personalised timeline helps them navigate the site.

Soon users will also be able to choose which government agencies they share their information with – no more giving the same details over and over again on application forms.

Design and UX

Our team of designers and UX specialists worked closely with DIA to come up with a look and feel that was smart, engaging and appealing. The site is intuitive and easy to use.

The build

Using the Agile development process, we built the site using Django and React JS. It features RealMe integration and is hosted on AWS. SmartStart is responsive and works beautifully on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Catalyst provide a professional, flexible and high quality service. We'd work with them again.
Claire Toufexis,
Manager Life Events Services, DIA
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