Te Haeata – the Settlement Portal

Catalyst has collaborated with Te Arawhiti to create Te Haeata.

Te Haeata – the Settlement Portal desktop


Catalyst collaborated with The Office for Māori Crown Relations – Te Arawhiti to create Te Haeata Settlement Portal - an online record of Treaty settlement commitments, as recorded in deeds of settlement and settlement legislation.

The name Te Haeata symbolises a beaming light, a dawn of a new day encapsulating the Crown's hope to build, improve and strengthen its relationship with settled groups based on upholding Treaty settlement commitments that have been made.

The aim of Te Haeata is to make Treaty settlement commitments more visible and accessible to post settlement governance entities and organisations with responsibilities in Treaty settlements. This includes Crown agencies, local government and other relevant organisations. To this end Te Haeata is available only to commitment holders and not the general public.

Te Haeata does not replace Treaty settlement documents. The authoritative source remains the deed and legislation. Te Haeata is intended to support commitment holders to manage their commitments.


Using Drupal 8, Catalyst worked with stakeholders to create an innovative solution.

“Working with Catalyst allowed us to deliver an intuitive, approachable interface to a complex problem. Catalyst ensured all users were front-and-centre during the design process and the finished product truly shines,” said a Te Arawhiti spokesperson.

Te Haeata Features:

  • interactive maps depicting areas of interest;

  • allows searching for commitments by keyword, agency name or commitment type;

  • allows the ability to make notes and updates about a commitment; and

  • enables notifications about upcoming, time-bound commitments.

By raising the visibility of Treaty settlement commitments, Te Haeata supports commitment holders to deliver on their obligations and ensure the durability of settlements is upheld.




The Te Haeata homepage features a video of Aotearoa landscapes provided by NZ Story. After logging in the page shows stills from the video to carry these beautiful landscapes throughout the site alongside the simple and strong kowhaiwhai ribbon. The design reflects the name of Te Arawhiti, which means ‘the bridge’. The name symbolises the bridge between Māori and the Crown, the past and the future, and the journey from grievance to partnership. 

Commitment holders seeking to register for access to Te Haeata can visit the  Te Haeata website, or email Te Haeata.