Tōtara: Department of Internal Affairs

Catalyst and DIA Collaborate to Advance their Tōtara Learn Platform


Catalyst worked with the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) as one of the first to adopt Tōtara Learn in 2011. As long term partners, we have seen their workforce and skill set grow, and so too has Tōtara Learn's capabilities, so Catalyst was thrilled to upgrade their Tōtara Learn site - iLearn.


The challenge

DIA's vast range of functions and large workforce make it critical to have a comprehensive and efficient compliance and training scheme; however, achieving, maintaining and measuring this can be challenging and time-consuming.

Learners were also finding it difficult to navigate their way through learning materials and locate the appropriate courses, which would heavily demotivate staff and delay completion.

Alongside this, the platform looked and felt outdated, making it easy to become disengaged.



Catalyst upgraded DIA’s iLearn site from Tōtara 2.6 to 12, transforming the experience of learners, while streamlining and improving the managers' experience.

In the process of this upgrade, our Tōtara experts provided DIA’s Learning and Development team with training for their new platform, which Ben Shields - DIA’s LMS Manager - found "massively beneficial in increasing our knowledge and preparing us for the go-live process".

This upgrade allows for a responsive site, which means learners and managers can access iLearn from their mobiles and tablets. This, in conjunction with easier navigation of the course catalogue content, have all increased accessibility and engagement.

Now managers are presented with a clean, modern dashboard that has all the important information at their fingertips. Compliance details of their team are displayed clearly so that managers can see what courses need to be completed by which date. Dashboards also display upcoming staff training in the next 30 days, which helps managers to plan around annual leave and staff movement, maximising the functionality of their team.

Overall, managers have a more precise, easy way to monitor and support their teams and maximise their performance.

The upgrade has modernised the look and feel of iLearn, making it a more enjoyable experience for users. For example, the course catalogue is now displayed through tiles, improving searchability and overall user experience.


iLearn screen displayed on laptop

Our users really appreciate how easy it is to find the learning material they are after, and the managers are extremely happy with their new dashboard.
Ben Shields
DIA’s Learning Management System Manager

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