Tourism New Zealand

Catalyst and Tourism New Zealand have collaborated to boost global sales with Tōtara Learn.

Learner Dashboard


Over the last 18 years, Tourism New Zealand has marketed New Zealand as a tourist destination through the 100% Pure New Zealand marketing campaign.

The Challenge

Tourism New Zealand needed a global digital platform, available worldwide in multiple languages, for the 100% Pure New Zealand specialist programme to train and enable travel sellers to maximise New Zealand’s tourist attraction.

The trade team had to be able to track enrolled travel sellers’ progress and performance in real-time and across markets.

Usability had to be intuitive and straightforward to encourage sellers to track their progress within the learning programme.

The Solution

Tōtara Learn has improved travel seller expertise, globally boosting Tourism Zealand’s sales across 28 markets . With over 12,000 active learners and over 50,000 completed modules in the last 12 months alone.

Tourism New Zealand use a highly customised and adapted Tōtara Learn site with extensive configuration to implement their online training across markets and languages.

As learners progress through the platforms programme tiers of bronze, silver and gold, specialists are presented with logos and certificates to motivate and encourage users throughout their experience.

Market managers are presented with a KPI dashboard to track their performance, alongside comparing their performance against others, with figures generated from data courses as fields, custom fields and external databases.

This Tōtara Learn is accessible, intuitive and straightforward. Users register online and are presented appropriate language based content from the information they provide.

Configuration involved 185 audiences, over 50 dashboards, 100 certifications and nine languages.

Laptop display of the TNZ Tōtara Learn

Catalyst's advanced delivery of Tōtara Learn has improved our global trade training programme and there has been a significant reduction in seller and manager performance enquiries
Paul Trowell
Trade Development Manager at Tourism New Zealand

Catalyst will continue to innovate, support and adapt features with open source technology as Tourism New Zealand’s needs evolve over time.


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