Christchurch training

Upcoming courses in Christchurch during October

Introduction to Docker
10 October - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)
Learn how to use the software containerisation platform, Docker. We'll show you where Docker can be used, how to use the Docker command line and give you an understanding of the Docker environment.
11 October - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)
About the course - Get started with New Zealand's only public cloud, the Catalyst Cloud.
This course will teach you the skills you need to get your own instance up and running, and get you familiar with the documentation. Attendees don't need to have any prior experience with OpenStack or cloud orchestration.
Introduction to Django
16 October - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)
Django is known as 'The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines'. Django aims to be the '90%' framework. That is, for 90% of website projects it is unambiguously the 'Right Tool for the Job'. Django's design is strongly influenced by DRY principles (Don't Repeat Yourself). 
Web Accessibility - WCAG 2.0 training
19 October - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)  
This course will help you understand web accessibility and the techniques used to make accessible content. We will also cover WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and ways to test for and achieve level AA compliance.
26 October - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)
This training session will introduce you to Python syntax and philosophy. You will learn about Python, and have plenty of opportunity to put it into practice. If you have little to no prior experience in programming this course is for you.
Drupal 7 - Site Builders
1 & 2 November - 2 days - $1,520 (ex gst)
This hands-on course helps participants create a fully functioning Drupal site that is extendible, secure and contains a reusable suite of components with the flexibility to accommodate future requirements.  It will spark your imagination about what is possible with Drupal.
Introduction to using Git
21 November - half day - $380 (ex gst)
Developer or web designer? You need version control. Git is the world benchmark - come and learn it with us. Git helps you track changes, reduce errors, make workflows more flexible, and collaborate with your peers with ease. This introductory course will help you get started using Git. You'll gain an understanding of how it works and how to integrate with a team already using it.

Python Introduction for Developers
28 November - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)
Python was designed with a simple syntax. Clean, readable code is the norm in Python, not the exception. 
Join us and discover why we like Python. This course covers basic syntax and the Python ecosystem, with special emphasis on features that may be surprising to non-Python developers.