Content Management Systems (CMS)

Training is available in Drupal and SilverStripe Content Management Systems.


The Drupal content managers course is aimed at those who will be administering sites. The course explains how the CMS is structured, offers experience with tools and increases participants' confidence in administering a Drupal site.  

The Drupal site builders course covers creating a fully functioning Drupal site.  The site will be extendible, secure and contain a reusable suite of components with the flexibility to accommodate future requirements. 

Drupal - Content Managers course outline

Drupal - Site Builders course outline


Learn to use SilverStripe CMS to create and manage pages on your website. Create news and events, set up users and manage their permissions. Upload and manage images, documents, and other assets.

SilverStripe - Using the SilverStripe CMS - CWP version course outline