Managed services & hosting

Managed services & hosting

Catalyst offers fully managed services and dedicated hosting packages to ensure your systems are operating with maximum effectiveness

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 Our dedicated team of systems administrators use advanced packaging, server configuration, and monitoring techniques based entirely on open source technology to maintain high levels of availability and performance across a vast array of systems

Our managed services and hosting capabilities

Catalyst offers fully managed hosting for organisations of all sizes, from schools to large polytechnics and universities to government departments. With round the clock monitoring and proactive security measures we offer safe, stable, customised, high performance hosting solutions.

Dedicated Support

  • An online support channel that provides issue tracking and work requests
  • Technical and administration support (phone and email) around issues directly related to the hosting, accessibility and performance of the system
  • Access to an expert technical team
  • 24 x 7 system monitoring and remedying (within the shortest timeframe possible)
  • Provision and maintenance of a staging/testing site

Secure hosting capabilities

  • Nightly, encrypted backups with offsite storage
  • Rapid Disaster Recovery process
  • Implementing the latest software patches and minor updates (sub point releases) on associated software
  • Applying critical security patches

Robust Service Level Agreements

  • No more than 4 hours a month of scheduled downtime for pre-arranged maintenance work
  • No more than 0.5% of the year of unscheduled downtime (where there is complete inaccessibility to the site)
  • Guaranteed response and turnaround times
  • Monthly SLA reporting

Managed Hosting locations

Our hosting services are available to be used through your own private infrastructure and across the following locations:

  • the Catalyst Cloud in New Zealand
  • Amazon AWS in Australia
  • Amazon AWS, Rackspace Cloud and the Google Cloud in Europe

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