UX/UI & Design

UX stands for user experience. At Catalyst we craft the UX on a wide range of web and software projects. Whatever your design needs, we can meet to discuss your goals and provide an estimate for services.


Why Catalyst for UX design services

Our team has a wide range of skills in business analysis, user experience design, visual design, front-end development and accessibility. Here are some advantages of working with the team:

  • You get a dedicated 'in-house' design team
  • We understand both design and build
  • We are user centred
  • We value collaboration with you

User experience (UX)

Using sketching and feedback from users and stakeholders, our UX consultants shape and visualise the end product and customer experience. Activities and outputs may include:

  • Wireframes
  • Information and content architecture
  • Customer journeys & user flows
  • User testing
  • Site maps
  • Lean UX
  • Diagram technical solution architecture
  • Detailed users stories/functional specs
  • Accessibility guidelines

Front-end development

Within our design team are front-end developers, who render the designs in HTML & CSS templates. Our developers and testers ensure your product or services work for your chosen operating systems, browsers and devices. Activities and outputs may include:

  • HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • Theming
  • Responsive development for mobile devices
  • Interactive app development for web, TV and mobile
  • Accessibility guidelines

Business analysis

Our business analysts work with a variety of techniques and methods to research and scope your project. Activities and outputs may include:

  • Project kick-off – goal definition
  • Stakeholder workshops
  • User research
  • Understand technical integration points
  • Discover features
  • Shape user stories/functional specs
  • Cost estimates – high and low range

UI and Visual design

We have a team of in-house visual designers. Our designers ensure designs are visually appealing, user-centred and ready for development. Activities and outputs may include:

  • Conceptual design
  • Responsive website & web-app design
  • UI & Interaction design
  • Experience design
  • Data visualisation
  • Prototyping
  • Brand Identity concept & design
  • Illustration
  • Motion graphics


Web accessibility is the degree by which people with disabilities can access and use your web content. It consists of principles and techniques practised by web designers and developers as they design and build websites. Although web accessibility benefits people with disabilities, it also gives people without disabilities a better browsing experience.

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