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Upcoming courses in Wellington


Drupal - Content Managers
6 November - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)
** Register two people and get a 25% discount on each person **
The Drupal content management system makes life easy for anyone managing or uploading website content. Join us for this course to learn how Drupal is structured, get hands-on experience with Drupal tools and be more confident in administering your Drupal site.
Target audience - Webmasters, content managers, digital communications professionals and anyone else administering Drupal sites.


Introduction to Docker
7 November - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)
** Register two people and get a 25% discount on each person **
Learn how to use the software containerisation platform, Docker. We'll show you where Docker can be used, how to use the Docker command line and give you an understanding of the Docker environment.
Target audience  - Programmers, development teams and operations engineers who want to know about Docker, where and when it can be used.
Python Introduction for non-Programmers
8 November - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)
This training session will introduce you to Python syntax and philosophy. You will learn about Python, and have plenty of opportunity to put it into practice. If you have little to no prior experience in programming this course is for you. 
Target audience - Those who have little or no prior programming experience, but want to learn to write some basic Python scripts.
Web Accessibility - WCAG 2.0 training
13 November - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)  
This course will help you understand web accessibility and the techniques used to make accessible content. We will also cover WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and ways to test for and achieve level AA compliance.
Target audience - Anyone who is interested in accessibility or needs to make a website AA compliant. 
Introduction to Shell and Shell scripting
16 November - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)
** Register two people and get a 25% discount on each person **
Learn to use the Linux shell with us. This course teaches basic commands and simple shell scripting. Shell scripting allows the automation of collections of shell commands. Attendees gain practical experience using the commands as they encounter them, then exercise their new skills by writing simple shell scripts.
Target audience - Desktop users who want to learn how to use the Linux Shell and learn some basic scripting.
Git Advanced
21 November - half day - $380 (ex gst)
This course is a follow-on from the Introduction to using Git course. Learn Git's more advanced features to aid debugging and release management.  You'll also learn about team workflows and how they can be improved with a focus on the collaborative nature of Git.
Target audience -Anyone comfortable using Git, who wants to take their knowledge to the next level.
Piwik Analytics Introduction (Wellington)
22 November - half day - $300 (ex gst)
Do you want to know more about your visitors and how your content is performing? Whether you run a website for a home business or a large corporation, Piwik is the leading open source analytics platform for tracking, analyzing, and reporting site data. Knowing how to use Piwik correctly will help you measure site traffic, engagement, ad revenue, SEO, ecommerce activity and more. This course shows you how to get set up in Piwik and glean insights from each of the reports.
Agile Primer 
28 & 29 November  - 2 day - $1,750 (ex gst)
About the course - Agile is the project management method du jour in IT right now. But do you know exactly what Agile means, and how to put it into practice? 
If you're new to Agile or need to get a better understanding of the basic principles, this course is for you.
Everyone who completes this course receives an International Consortium for Agile Certified Professional certification (ICAgile ICP). This certification does not expire and no renewal fee is required. 
Target Audience: Anyone who is new to Agile, and those with some exposure to Agile who need more information and an opportunity to practice their skills.
Introduction to Secure Web Coding
29 November - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)
An introduction to the principles of secure coding for the web. This course focuses on the OWASP Top Ten vulnerabilities and how to protect against them. Learn with a mix of theoretical and hands-on content that will involve identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities.
Target audience - Developers, Architects, Administrators & Technical Testers.
Configuration Management and Automation using Puppet - Introduction 
30 November - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)
If you want to learn how to use Puppet for configuration management and automation, or you've been put in charge of an established Puppet infrastructure, this is the course for you. This course is suitable for complete beginners and those with very limited experience – we run other courses for more experienced users.
Target audience - Puppet beginners and those with very limited experience.