Covid-19 Site Policy

Last Updated: 24 November 2021

Catalyst has updated our site policy for all New Zealand offices under Covid-19. Our objective with this update is to ensure the safety of our staff and clients, consistent with government advice.

From Monday, 29 November only staff and visitors who have been fully vaccinated will be permitted into Catalyst offices.

If you are intending on visiting a Catalyst office in New Zealand, or are invited to attend a meeting at one of our offices, you must pre-register your vaccination status in our online registration system. Our staff inviting you to the meeting will send you a link and instructions how to do this; it is a simple process and is for your safety and that of our people.

Once the government's validation app is widely available, we will be able to review this policy. Until that time, we are following the Ministry of Health and the government's guidance about how to best protect our staff and clients.

Also, a reminder that if you feel unwell, irrespective of your vaccination status, please remain at home.

Thank you for your understanding.