Catalyst - the Drupal experts

This year, Catalyst celebrates its 20th anniversary. We have been using open source software since 1997, before it was cool. Today, open source software is a de facto standard, to both embrace innovation and minimise the cost of scaling up. Like many, we've grown up locally and spread our wings; we're now 250+ staff in seven branches across three countries.

When asked to recommend an enterprise Content Management System (CMS), our answer is Drupal. Drupal can be used as a standalone component, but also integrates readily into corporate enterprise architectures. Our clients range from media agencies, telcos, utilities and government agencies to SMEs. For those focusing on local NZ customers, we couple Drupal with the Catalyst Cloud to provide a premium digital experience. 

We'd like to introduce you to DrupalSouth 2017. DrupalSouth is an industry event focusing on Drupal and this year it's in Auckland. Catalyst is a platinum sponsor and has representatives from across four branches in New Zealand and Australia speaking at the conference on a broad range of topics. These include security and monitoring, automated deployment, configuration management, CRM, digital repositories and the importance and finer points of communication.

If you would like to join us at DrupalSouth 2017 and benefit from our platinum sponsorship, please get in touch. We would be keen to talk to you about how we deliver benefits for our clients. Catalyst provide full-stack services and we understand that for you a CMS could be at the heart or a small part of your digital delivery.

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