Starter Theme Design Package

Woman on Auroa School Library Koha site search results for 'birds'


Pre-purchased hours of work for our graphic designer to create a new Koha OPAC theme for you to install.

Perfect for libraries wanting to modernise or refresh their look, those needing to update their company branding or who are still using the generic grey Koha theme and want to personalise.

The Starter Theme can incorporate your company logo, choice of custom font, your chosen imagery and brand colouring, then our front-end design team will use these to create a new theme for your Koha instance. If you are not sure - our designers can decide for you! 

Number of Designs

Support 8 Hours
Starter Theme Includes                   

Company logos, Custom fonts, Imagery, Brand colouring for your Koha's OPAC

Cost (NZ Dollars) ex GST




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