Koha services and pricing

Koha $1180 (NZD) / year

With our entry-level offering, you'll receive all the benefits of a secure, fully featured, professionally managed Koha, in the Catalyst Cloud. This pricing option includes the following limitations:

  • Catalogue of up to 20,000 bibliographic records
  • Storage of up to 2 GB
  • Use of a mykoha.co.nz domain
  • Minimal notice of upgrades
  • No code customisations
  • No sevice level guarantees

Sign up for Koha $1180 (NZD) / year

Koha - how you like it (starting from $600 per month)

Do you want more than a fully featured, open source integrated library system? Our more extensive pricing option may include features such as:

  • Robust monitoring, and guarantees of service
  • A comprehensive backup strategy
  • Integrations with other parts of your business, such as content providers, self check machines, single sign-on, and more
  • A beautiful theme for your public catalogue
  • Your own choice of domain name
  • A personalised upgrade schedule
  • Installation of additional software

We love that stuff. In order to give you a price, we need a bit more information about what you have now and what you want.

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