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Mahara is an online space that allows students at schools and institutions of higher education to create portfolios for learning and assessment. Mahara also supports professionals documenting their competencies and achievements for accreditation purposes while fostering collaboration and working in communities of practice.

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Portfolio creators

  • Reflect on your learning, upload files, and add content from social media sites.
  • Align your portfolio to a competency framework and visualise your achievements.
  • Create different portfolios for learning, presentation, assessment, and group projects.
  • Decide which individuals or groups can see your portfolios and provide feedback.


  • Provide a mobile-friendly, easy-to-use platform to support and showcase learning.
  • Customise it to suit your learning needs and brand.
  • Create templates for learners and staff to create portfolios that support business outcomes.
  • Integrate with your learning management system and others.

Our clients

We work with organisations around the world offering them a range of services to suit their local requirements. The majority of our clients are in the tertiary or higher education sector, are organisations (partially) funded by governments, or are private organisations providing services to their membership.

In and for Aotearoa New Zealand, we also operate two sites of our own that clients can join to benefit from cost-sharing:

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Our services

We are the maintainer and primary development company of Mahara. Our staff know Mahara inside and out and are able to provide the full range of services from solution design to support and training.

Business requirements analysis

We offer top quality requirements analysis and documentation services to capture what you want to accomplish with Mahara.

Usability and accessibility

Our development work always considers the ease of use of new and changed features and their accessibility for people with diverse needs. Our usability and accessibility experts are integral members of any project.

Graphical design

Our creative team will work with you to develop an innovative look and feel for your site while retaining your organisation’s brand and identity.

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Development and integration

We have the expertise to help you design and implement new features as well as integrate with other systems.

Managed hosting services

With 24/7 monitoring and security protocols in place, we offer a safe, stable, and scalable hosting environment for your Mahara site.

Training and support

We provide tailored training and support packages to help you get the most out of your Mahara site and assist you with your wider ePortfolio strategy.

View our Mahara support packages for on-demand support.

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Extended security support

Catalyst offers extended security support to organisations that cannot move from an unsupported version of Mahara to a supported one on behalf of the Mahara project.

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