“Increasingly Digital” on MyPortfolio

“Increasingly Digital” was a project led by the National Library of New Zealand that explored the use of learning and teaching resources relating to Aotearoa New Zealand. Project partners were the Ministry of Education, the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, NZRise, NZTech, and the New Zealand Council for Educational Research (NZCER).

The purpose of the project was “to explore how students and teachers discover, access, use, create, and share resources to support learning in current and future learning environments.” In the first instance, it focused on two areas:

  • He Tohu, specifically women's suffrage
  • Tuia – Encounters 250

The "curiosity cards" that explore these topics and ask students questions designed to challenge their thinking and exploration can be viewed via the National Library. They are suitable for students at different stages in their education.

Catalyst has made these curiosity cards available on MyPortfolio, making it possible for schools to work with them digitally. Students can collect additional resources to answer the questions and pose their own to deepen their learning. By working with the curiosity cards online, they can also share their research and thoughts widely within their school as well as their whānau.

Example of a curiosity card on MyPortfolio