The 2015 summer internship programme is kicking off


Summer is arriving and thus are university students who applied successfully for an internship in various Catalyst offices. Our Wellington headquarters is hosting three interns and our Auckland office accepted two university students. These students are going to join the ranks of our other interns and part-time students that have already been working with us for several months and in some cases a couple of years.

We are excited about offering internships to give students the opportunity to explore open source technologies and working in an IT company first hand.

The students who will join Catalyst on Monday, 16 November 2015, are going to work on a variety of projects and teams: System administration and infrastructure, DevOps, and Ruby on Rails in Wellington and other bespoke projects in Auckland.

Catalyst has supported students gaining work experience for many years and continues its effort in this area to help New Zealanders succeed in their IT careers. We participate in Summer of Tech and regularly offer students internships through this programme and beyond.