Catalyst Activates BCP

With the Government's announcement over the weekend that employers should allow their staff to work from home where possible, we have activated our Business Continuity Plan.

As a global business, we have a well tested capacity for individual staff to work and manage all our systems from home. Accordingly, we have begun implementing our business continuity plan to ensure uninterrupted service to our clients and, under the current restrictions, we foresee no difficulties being able to continue to do that.

As Catalyst supports a number of critical government and media sites, we are an essential service and as such some Catalyst staff will be on site as required to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of those services for our clients.

If the Covid-19 situation escalates, we may need to focus our highest service levels on essential services, identify and prioritise critical systems, and ensure we deliver the best possible service under the circumstances. In the interests of transparency, our priorities will be:

  • the safety of our people
  • continuity of service for our customers
  • payment of our people, contractors and vendors

Catalyst is taking Covid-19 very seriously. We have a dedicated Covid-19 incident team meeting daily to review the current situation, including all communications from the Government, Ministry of Health and the WHO. If there is any significant change to our approach, we will update our website to reflect that.

We trust that, working together with you, we will be able to collectively weather this adverse event. If you would like to discuss any aspects of our approach with us, or share details about your business continuity planning, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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