Catalyst Arduino Day

Catalyst Arduino Day, Saturday 9th April, 10am-3pm

Many of us at Catalyst enjoy working with Arduino in our spare time. We often exchange ideas and talk about our Arduino projects at work, and a community of like-minded people has formed. It can be tough to find uninterrupted time to make progress on a project, so it is useful to come together as a group and put aside dedicated time to get things done.

Catalyst helps different user groups by offering space for collaboration. Although our Arduino enthusiasts aren't a User Group in the traditional sense, we do think gathering people working with Arduino together to share and learn from each other is a good thing.

Our next Arduino Day in the Wellington office will be on Saturday the 9th of April from 10am to 3pm. Bring your lunch, Arduino, components and laptop, sit down and work away. There'll be Catalyst staff about and we may even have some of our previous Arduino Academy students.

Being a Saturday the building will be locked on the ground floor, so we'll leave a note on the main door with contact details to let you through to Level 3.

If you have any questions or would like further information about the Catalyst Arduino Day, contact Ian.

If you can't make our Arduino Day, there is a world wide Arduino Day on the 2nd of April.  The School of Design, Victoria University of Wellington is holding an event to celebrate. More information on this event is available here: