Catalyst Cloud CMS – An alternative to the Common Web Platform (CWP)


If you are a New Zealand government platform customer, you will be familiar with the Common Web Platform (CWP). As an existing customer of CWP you will be aware that changes around the CWP service continuation are happening from 16 September 2021.


Until the Lead Agency Agreement ends, Silverstripe and DIA will continue to develop and improve CWP. After that date, there will be a transition between the status quo managed by DIA, to something new on a Silverstripe-led platform through the Government Marketplace.


Catalyst Cloud is a public cloud offering, and by working with Catalyst you receive all the benefits that come from using a single vendor and a New Zealand sovereign solution.


The Catalyst Cloud CMS platform supports the Silverstripe CMS and CWP recipes, and enables a smooth migration from CWP to your new managed services platform. You can move from CWP to a CMS (content management system) managed service platform, as several of our customers have successfully done already.


"Infrastructure migration can be a challenge. Our team’s vast experience with CWP and Silverstripe can make the transition to Catalyst Cloud as smooth and painless as possible. At Catalyst we provide end-to-end services on Catalyst Cloud, and we can customise your platform to meet and scale to your business needs." – Luke Percy, CMS Team Delivery Manager


We configure your CMS platform hosted within our ISO27001 and PCI-DSS certified regions (with more regions becoming more available soon), so it meets government requirements for security and capability. In addition we can develop NZISM compliant solutions as well.


All your website code is migrated and managed in a secure New Zealand hosted GitlLab repository, using best practices when it comes to information, identity and access management.


Our CMS platform is protected by CloudFlare content-delivery-network (CDN) – an alternative to the CWP ‘Imperva’ solution - for added cloud network level protection against Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks. Additional Firewall alternatives can be configured on request, such as Redshield or Akamai.


Our platform provides regular digital and offsite backups for data retention with options for disaster recovery and server scaling and load balancing, so you can trust that your data is taken care of.


Your platform is monitored 24/7 with a target up time of 99.95% during business hours (24/7 support options also available) with 1 hour SLA response times for critical issues. Our support options also include business hours application support, for regular security patching, defect resolution or additional feature development.


For more details on the Catalyst Cloud and its Security and Privacy considerations you can view these here:


If you are interested in migrating your CWP instance to the Catalyst Cloud CMS platform please email us.