Catalyst Congratulates Murdoch University

Catalyst Australia congratulates Murdoch University with the successful launch of their Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) to a new fully managed hosting environment.

Murdoch University, one of Western Australia's premier higher education institutions, has been delivering course content using Moodle LMS since 2013. With thousands of courses on offer and a 24x7 activity pattern, Moodle is a mission critical application.

Murdoch University logo

Murdoch approached Catalyst in late 2015, as they were looking to move away from their existing Moodle managed hosting provider so that they could take more ownership of their Moodle, and work with Learning Delivery teams inside the University to deliver better academic outcomes.

As part of the infrastructure consulting services that Catalyst offers our clients, we worked together with Murdoch infrastructure and application team members – and were able to architect an internally-managed solution for the Murdoch Moodle. This runs on Murdoch's existing High Availability virtual infrastructure.

The project delivery also included:

  • GoCD Continuous Deployment / Continuous Integration solution, empowering Murdoch to perferm push-button applicationdeployments of their Moodle. Meaning they can concentrate on the improvements they want to the platform, without being bogged down by the deployment process.
  • Long round of multi-iteration Moodle performance testing and subsequent tuning based on authentic usage patterns that were derived from a comprehensive data collection phase.
  • A review of existing Moodle code base, including an audit of Murdoch's student management and authentication integration channels.
  • On site git training for the technical team.

The new internally-housed Murdoch Moodle went live in Feb 2016, with the complete project roll out period being less than three months. A great achievement and a credit to the focus and drive of the Murdoch team.

We are now seeing the LMS power through its first test of semester-level usage patterns as the class of 2016 launched themselves into active study. During the last week, Murdoch's Moodle has seen in excess of 225k page views per day, with peak load periods seeing up to 900 concurrent user sessions.

Catalyst wishes Murdoch all the best for 2016. We're sure that there are great innovations ahead.