Catalyst CourseBank Going Global

Catlalyst is proud to announce that we have deployed four new backup regions in the CourseBank Catalyst Moodle Backup-As-A-Service offering. This means that Moodle administrators can keep their course backups closer to their physical location and comply with their data storage compliance policies.

Catalyst went live with the CourseBank Moodle backup offering in June 2015, and since then we have processed and archived ten's of thousands of course assets, with a total of over 6 terabytes of data archived.

The CourseBank solution first launched as a platform on the Catalyst Cloud OpenStack platform. Giving us the flexibility to deploy the solution using the strength and agility of the OpenStack cloud platform.

In order for users to comply with all the data sovereignty, privacy compliance and network performance we understand that there needs to be storage solutions located across the globe to service the global Moodle user base. Catalyst is an AWS Partner and we have pushed out storage solutions to a number of AWS geographic regions. Meaning better proximity for our CourseBank users.

We are excited to announce support for the following geographic regions:

  • Catalyst OpenStack cloud in New Zealand
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Sydney, Australia
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Ireland
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Frankfurt, Germany

The development and support journey for CourseBank has been a great application of our Cloud Orchestration capabilities and technologies. With another chance for the DevOps team to build a fully orchestrated solution using OpenStack Heat, AWS CloudFormation and Ansible.

Please, read more about Coursebank.