Catalyst goes global in Moodle partnerships

Catalyst, New Zealand’s largest open source development company and a long standing Moodle Partner in New Zealand, is excited to announce that it has extended its partnership agreement with Moodle HQ to include our Australian and European branches, making Catalyst a truly global Moodle Partner.

Catalyst's teams in New Zealand, the UK and Australia, are recognised for the breadth and depth of their technical experience including:

  • for their regular contributions of custom development to core code and plug-ins
  • for scaling up the largest ever, 4 million user, Moodle instance, and
  • for delivering the potential of cloud hosting and storage to their Higher Education, Government, Corporate and NGO customers.

“As specialists in the design and delivery of open source solutions, Catalyst is proud that its global commitment to growing and maintaining the Moodle project is being recognised in the formal expansion of our partnership to include our UK and Australian operations,” Catalyst Group Managing Director, Don Christie said.

Catalyst has been using and contributing to Moodle since 2004. In that time, they have developed a breadth and depth of expertise, and contributed significantly to the project. In the last twelve months alone, Catalyst has contributed to the project:

  • 60 Moodle bug fixes
  • 8 significant contributions to core
  • 17 third party plugins maintained (including the Yammer block)
  • Official maintenance of SCORM and the Plagiarism API
  • 79 plugin reviews

“We are doing great things for our growing base of Moodle customers in globally, who benefit from our being able to share capability and experience across the global Catalyst Group. This is the real beauty of an open source platform like Moodle. particularly when you unlock its potential with great design and scalable cloud infrastructure,” said Don Christie.