Catalyst to offer Summer of Tech masterclass


Catalyst has been a long-time supporter of the internship programme Summer of Tech, which is now in its 10th year.

By participating in Summer of Tech, university students interested in a career in IT get the opportunity to receive advice on their internship applications and can participate in bootcamps, masterclasses and hackfests to gain more experience before they start their internships.

This year Catalyst is offering a masterclass for students on using the cloud and deploying applications with Ansible. The primary trainer will be Donovan Jones, who is a Senior Developer, Consultant and Trainer at Catalyst with 14 years of industry experience running large-scale Linux systems. He will be supported by Colton Vermilyea, a former Catalyst Summer of Tech intern turned part-time employee.

Students interested in upskilling themselves over the academic year should sign up for Summer of Tech to register for this and other events.