Catalyst Proud Sponsors of She Can Code - 2019

Catalyst is proud to be regional sponsors of She Can Code, 2019. We recognise that the up-coming Tech Week Catalyst South Island is the perfect opportunity to advocate for computer science being taught in school more often while encouraging growth in industry diversity.

The organiser of She Can Code, Michael Trengrove, says “It is about helping young girls, women and non-binary people to see themselves in the industry.”

Catalyst’s South Island General Manager, Mariann Matai recognises “that through education of young people, we can introduce the joys of the creative programming process, with the critical time being throughout primary and secondary school.”

Although it is widely agreed that coding is an important skill for the workforce in the upcoming decades, in 2016 Computer Science had the lowest female enrolments within the Science Department at the Auckland University, only making up 23.2% of students within that degree structure.

She Can Code aim to change that. According to US-based statistics, women who try computer science in high school, are ten times more likely to major in it, and with 58% of all new jobs in STEM being computing, only 10% of STEM graduates have completed a degree in computing.

“It is important to bring women into technology and bring balance and diversity to the industry,” something that Mariann Matai has previously encouraged by sponsoring the Regional Diversity & Inclusion Survey and continues to do so in her position on the board of Women in Tech in

Image courtesy of She Can Code.

For more information, you can email Mariann Matai.

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