Catalyst wins 2021 Moodle Award

Catalyst IT has been recognised ahead of a global field of IT providers to win the ‘Global Certified Service Provider of the Year' at the 2021 Moodle Certified Service Partner Awards.

A glass trophy against a dark background, which reads 'Catalyst, Moodle Global Certified Service Provider of the Year'

At the end of what has been another challenging year for everyone, the 2021 Moodle Awards is recognition for the outstanding results achieved. Delivery of new innovations, improvements and bug fixes have provided results for specific projects and all Moodle users, the world over.

“What an amazing way to end 2021! The Catalyst Team is extremely proud of our work and the recognition given by the 2021 Moodle Global Certified Service Provider Award. We plan to continue with our efforts and contributions to Moodle and open source software solutions globally. We look forward to the opportunities that 2022 brings.”

- Andrew Boag, CEO Catalyst IT Australia & Canada

Covid-19 has forever changed the education landscape, and a flexible and powerful online learning platform is more crucial than ever. New and existing Moodle applications contribute to a more equitable and accessible approach to education, with online learning environments that empower both teaching and learning. Catalyst works with universities around the world to bring the many benefits of Moodle to hundreds of thousands of students and teachers.

In 2021 the increased demand for Catalyst’s open knowledge services led to the establishment of a North American operation in Ottawa. In addition to our eLearning teams in New Zealand, Australia, and the UK, the Canada expansion further helps us to provide a global network of support for our clients.

Catalyst IT has contributed to the development of Moodle since 2004. We are a committed Premium Moodle Certified Partner and member of the Open Source Moodle Community. Moodle delivers a powerful set of learner-centric tools and collaborative learning environments that empower both teaching and learning.

Catalyst was recognised as the Major Open Source Contributor at the Moodle Partner Awards in 2019, and we’re thrilled to receive the Global Certified Service Provider of the Year at this year’s awards.