Changes to Chrome affect SSL certificates

One of our SSL providers RapidSSL has informed us that it's Google's intent to phase out support for certificates using a SHA-1 hashing algorithm via degraded visual indicators and warnings in the Chrome™ browser. These changes are expected to take effect in the production version of Chrome version 39 in November 2014. You can find more information regarding the proposed plan on Google's blog.

As a proactive measure, in order to help ensure that Chrome 39 users visiting your websites do not encounter any UI degraded indicators, RapidSSL recommends the following:

  1. Identify certificates that have a SHA-1 algorithm using the SSL Toolbox.
  2. Replace any SHA-1 certificates that expire beyond December 31, 2015 with SHA-2 certificates at no additional cost. For more information, please refer to Knowledge Center article SO5757.

Please note that SHA-1 root certificates will not be affected by the plan.

Here are some additional resources for your reference:

Should you have questions please contact Catalyst Support directly and we will be happy to help.